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Finally, You Can Have The Life You Really Want And Deserve

"Amazing Success Secret Forgotten For Almost 100 Years Reveals How You Can
Make Life Give You Exactly What You WantAlmost Overnight!"

Yes, You Can Have The Financial & Career Success, Vibrant Good Health
And The Fulfilling Relationships You've Always Wanted
In Just 5-10 Minutes A Day, You Can Easily Create
The Life Of Your Dreams Guaranteed!

From The Desk Of Igor Ledochowski

Dear Friend,

If you've ever wondered
* Why do some people succeed in life while others fail?

* Why some people are happy while others are miserable?

* Why do some people prosper while others in the same circumstances
remain poor?

* Why do some people enjoy vibrant good health while others lack
energy and are constantly sick?

* Why are some people supremely confident while others are often
crippled with fear and doubt?

* Why do some people have the friends and relationships they desire
while others are lonely and miserable?

well, the answer to all of these questions is actually quite

It lies in a secret that has been known about by a select few for
thousands of years

but was first properly understood and turned into an effective way to
achieve success by a French psychologist in the early 1900s.

And no, I'm not talking about the popular book and video program "The

That barely touches on the real secret, but doesn't properly understand
or explain it.

I'll reveal the real secret to you shortly, but first you may be

Who I Am And Why I Can Help You

Igor Ledochowski

My name is Igor Ledochowski and yes, I'm internationally recognised as
a master in subconscious change, covert persuasion and influence

More importantly, for the last 12 years I've been helping people just
like you to leave behind lives of frustration and mediocrity and

instead live the life they truly desire and deserve.

People like
* The young man who had a highly paid job with a top international
bankbut who hated his life. Now he's living the lifestyle he always
wanted and can't wait to get out of bed in the morning (and he
still makes as much money as before); and

* The successful professional who seemed to "have it all".except for
the love, intimacy and close relationships he craved. With some
simple steps I showed him, he now has a great relationship with a
beautiful, loving woman; and

* The young college student who was struggling but who now describes
how they "Have an edge in life" with an exciting future ahead of

and there are dozens (if not hundreds) of similar examples where people
have overcome crippling health problems, developed rich, rewarding
relationships and found financial and career success.

And it's not just individuals who have found my work valuable.

For many years major corporations and international organizations have
eagerly sought my consulting services.

They have readily paid me very high fees to coach their top executives
and professionals to achieve outstanding results.

"Its Like Magic...Absolutely Amazing Results"


"Igor is the definitive expert on the mind, on fast results, and a
genius in the field of subconscious influence and change.

"He influences you consciously and subconsciously to release an
impressive potential in people.

"Its like magic: he gets absolutely amazing results! If you want to
work with the best work with him!!

"But be warned: he gets exceptional results by doing exceptional
things... sometimes unusual things happen when you are around him."

David Taylor,
Global Leadership Expert,
Author Of The Best selling "The Naked Leader!"

As you can see, I know how to help people achieve success and get what
they want out of life.

But how exactly do I do that?

Let me explain a little more about...

The Forgotten Success Secrets Of The French Psychologist Who Inspired Some Of
The Most Successful Men of The 20th Century

You may well be familiar with Napoleon Hill and his book "Think And
Grow Rich" (one of the biggest selling books on personal success in

And with people such as Norman Vincent Peale and W.Clement Stone.

But you've probably never heard about a French psychologist by the name
of Emile Couet.

And yet his work (now largely forgotten) was the inspiration behind
those more famous individuals.

Emile Couet originally worked as a pharmacist.

He found that by praising each remedy's efficiency and leaving a small
positive notice with each given medication, his patients recovered
faster and more reliably.

Intrigued by this, he went on to develop a method of therapy based on
what we now call autosuggestion.

He was amazingly successful in helping cure a wide range of illness.

According to one study he was successful with 93% of the people who
came to him.

And he went on to help people in every area of their lives.

He set out his secrets in the book "Self Mastery Through Conscious

What he had really discovered were the principles of self-hypnosis and
how to use self-hypnosis to make life give you what you want.

The Amazing Natural Force That Can
Transform Your Life

Now, don't let the term self-hypnosis disturb you. Some people have the
wrong idea and tend to shy away from this powerful force.

And yet, hypnosis is a completely natural force that you probably
experience every day in some way (when engrossed in a book or watching
a movie, for example).

It's a force that relieves tiredness instantly that does away with pain
and black moods that stops nervous tension

...a force that has proven to be the greatest power in the world for
self-advancement - a technique that you can use at home, in the office,
while travelling, anytime you wish.

It's a marvellous force for good in your life.

And it's the key to making changes to your "Inner Blueprint" so that
you get exactly what you want from life.

You see, we all have an "Inner Blueprint" and this literally controls
what's possible for you to achieve in life.

Depending on what's in your blueprint, you'll succeed or fail, be happy
or sad, prosper or struggle in life.

Now the GOOD NEWS is that if you're not yet getting what you want from

...then it's possible to change your blueprint.


The Fastest And Easiest Way To Change Your Life. . .

is with the power of Self-Hypnosis.

You see, by using Self-Hypnosis the right way, you can send precise
instructions to your unconscious mind.

Your blueprint is then altered to be in line with your goals and

And when your blueprint is designed for success...

...then you will find yourself consistently taking the right action,
being in the right place and meeting the right people to make your
dreams come true.

It will seem like magic.

But in fact it's a very deliberate and very precise method.

One you can easily use yourself, in private with the greatest of ease
and safety.

And now it's easier than ever, because here's...

The Missing Piece Of The Success Formula And
How To Get What You Want Faster & Easier
Than Ever Before. . .

I mentioned before that for the last 12 years I've been helping people
transform their lives and achieve the success they desire.

I've done this by taking the original principles discovered by Emile
Coue and bringing the science of self-hypnosis up to date.

You see, over the last 20 or 30 years there have been many exciting
advances in the therapeutic uses of hypnosis.

But self-hypnosis has been stuck at a very primitive level.

Virtually unchanged from the early 1920s when Coue published his book
"Self-Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion".

When I started to look into the use of self hypnosis, it was clear that
there are 3 big problems in most existing systems...
1. Firstly, they lack a reliable troubleshooting mechanism for when
things don't work out as planned.

2. Secondly, and more importantly, there is a flaw that can create an
inner conflict. Because of this conflict, you may end up
"sabotaging" yourself without even realizing what is happening.

3. Finally, all too many programs take up hours every day of your
time. Sure, they might work in theory but the reality is that the
amount of time involved means they are useless for most people.

Fortunately, I have discovered simple solutions to these problems...

Introducing "The Power Of Self-Hypnosis
For Guaranteed Results"

Power Of Self Hypnosis

By taking advantage of the latest advances in hypnosis, I have created
a program for personal transformation unlike any other.

I have laid out a clear and simple set of steps that anyone can follow.

It's a foolproof system to achieve your goals.

There's no "mumbo jumbo" or mystical nonsense that might leave you

Just clear directions that will take you where you want to go in your

Because of the way this system is organized, you avoid the risk of
"self-sabotage" that I mentioned earlier.

And, even better, once you've learned how to use the power of
self-hypnosis for yourself, it takes just 5-10 minutes a day to have
the life you've always wanted.

You'll discover...
* What hypnosis really is and how to apply this power effectively for

* A foolproof way to go into self-hypnosis (and return) whenever you

* How to use your new powers of self-hypnosis to create the correct
blueprint so that you life is one of abundant health, wealth,
relationshipsand everything to create your ideal life

plus you'll know exactly what to do if for some reason you come across
a problem.

And, let's face it, whenever you learn a new skill there can be a few
challenges as you get used to using your new power.

But these won't now deflect you from your goals.

You'll be in complete control of your life.

The core program is laid out for you over 7 CDs and the companion 410
page Full Set Of Transcripts on CDrom.

Please join me as I walk you through what's included...

Session 1:
"The Amazing Power Of Self-Hypnosis"

In this first session, you will prepare your mind for success with this
unique system of self-hypnosis.

Perhaps for the first time, you'll truly understand the amazing power
that you possess and how you can unleash this power to make your dreams
come true.

Here is just some of what you'll discover
* The incredible power of the unconscious mind and the simple key to
taking control of your life

* Your hidden "Goldmine" of prosperity, happiness and achievement
that is closer than you might think

* The virtually unlimited opportunities that are open to youwhen you
grasp how to use the power of your mind correctly

* Important concepts in self hypnosis that you must understand if you
want to make your dreams come true quickly and easily

* Warning! There are 4 harmful myths and misunderstandings about self
hypnosis. Don't fall for them or you'll miss out on your dreams

* A practical, step-by-step plan to unleash the Power Of Self
Hypnosis in your life and avoid the typical problems that prevent
most people from living the life they truly want

* The magic of "Thinking Big" and the key to getting what you REALLY
want out of life (Warning! Before you decide on any goal, make sure
it passes this simple test)

At the end of this first session you'll be armed with all the
fundamental knowledge and information to begin using the power of

Next, here is

Session 2:
"A Foolproof, Step By Step Method For Easily
Hypnotizing Yourself"

A big problem for many people in putting the power of self-hypnosis to
work for them is being able to go into hypnosis quickly and easily.

That won't be a problem for you when you apply this simple system.

Here's what's included...
* How to unlock the amazing power of your unconscious mindsafely.
Without this key, you may find it impossible to reach your goals

* The ReSeT formula to unleash your mind power for maximum results

* The key secret of the Power Of Self Hypnosis method. This is the
technique Tony Robbins (coach to many top performers) uses to
create breakthroughsbut he never explains how he does it

* A special hypnotic session to awaken your own inner power of self
hypnosis. Use this wisely and you'll achieve results faster than
you dared dream possible

* The T-A-C-K and C-A-V-E formulas that give you the foolproof,
step-by-step method for successful self-hypnosis

* Special tips and short cuts so that you can get results with
self-hypnosis whenever you need to

This session includes both a special hypnotic induction with Igor to
unlock your ability to use self hypnosis PLUS guided exercises so that
you can master the techniques.

At the conclusion of this session you'll possess the power to quickly
and easily enter a state of self hypnosis whenever and wherever you

Now let's move on to discover...

Session 3:
"How To Program Your Mind To Get What
You Want... Automatically"

Goal setting is probably a subject that you've come across before.

And yet, if it's so important, why do most people have little or no

In this session you'll discover the reality behind goals and how they

...PLUS why many goals, like most New Year's Resolutions, fail

* The real reason why you MUST set goals if you want to have control
over your life. This will give you the inside track to make goals
work for you

* A very popular story about the power of setting goalsthat's
actually a myth! Discover the real storyand why the lesson still

* Where your "hunches" come from and why it's actually crazy NOT to
follow them

* A simple rule that will maximize your success with self-hypnosis

* Most people end up sabotaging themselves because they end up
picking the wrong goal to aim for. Here's the way to pick the best
goal so that you get what you really want

* The S-M-A-R-T formula for goal setting that virtually guarantees a
successful result every time

* Ways to make "impossible" goals not only achievable but also
surprisingly easy to attain

* The 5 most common obstacles to achieving your goals and how to
sidestep them elegantly

* The single biggest problem with goal setting that most so-called
"experts" ignoreand how to make sure this doesn't sabotage your

* Simple principles to follow that will prevent many problems from
ever happening and will easily fix most of the problems you might
come across

* 2 foolproof strategies that will dissolve even the most deep seated
and difficult obstacles to success

* The magic of dreaming and how to use this to supercharge your
powers of creativity and imagination

* This is probably the simplest way to unleash to power of your
subconscious mindjust sleep on it! But be careful, avoid doing this
or you'll make any problems worse

With the secrets from this session, you'll have the inside track on the
psychological principles and tactics that will make the power of goal
setting work for you.

And to boost that power further, here are

Session 4:
"Potent Suggestion Tactics To Quickly
Unlock The Power Of Your Mind"

In this next session you'll get the most effective tools available to
take control and rewrite your Inner Blueprint.

Included in the important tips, techniques and strategies
* How to design the life of your dreams and get exactly what you
want. Use these 5 keys to success to make this easier than you ever
thought possible

* Suggestion is one of the primary tools to use in hypnosis. Here are
4 ways experts use suggestion

* What to do if you don't get the results you want straight away

* How to make sure that changes and progress are permanent

* The perfect times to practice the power self-hypnosis method. Take
advantage of these two special times of the day and you'll find
results come even more quickly and easily

* Shortcuts you can use to simplify your Power of Self Hypnosis

* Here's how experts use affirmations to get powerful results. Use
these 3 "Master Keys" and you'll be amazed at the results

* The critical step you MUST take to use affirmations successfully
(even most experts do not understand this point fully and this is
why few people get worthwhile results from their affirmations)

* 4 steps to create powerful, life-changing affirmations that will
actually work for you

* The secrets to using the "Inner Pep Talk" to breakthrough barriers
and make rapid changes

* Why "superstitions" can actually make sense and how you can use
them to best effect

* Here's how to use your own vivid, powerful visualizations and
create a bright futureeven if you're convinced that you can't
visualize properly

* How to make your visualizations hypnotic

* The 2 types of visualizations, when to use each one and how to get
the best results (whether it's perfecting a golf swing or making a
million dollars)

* Tips, techniques and strategies to create the self-hypnosis session
that works best for you

With these powerful tools and strategies at your command, you'll be
able to design your Inner Blueprint to include whatever you want out of

Now you're ready to move...

Session 5:
"Beyond Self-HypnosisHow To Connect With Your Unconscious To Get What
You Truly Desire"

This is the session that truly sets the Power of Self Hypnosis program
apart and ahead of any other form of goal setting, meditation or
self-improvement technique.

It's all about troubleshooting and what to do if your unconscious mind
refuses to play ball or give you what you want.

When you can quickly resolve problems like this, you'll be absolutely
unstoppable in your drive to success.

Here is what's included in this advanced system...
* How to get your own mind to automatically identify and overcome
many of the obstacles to your success that may come up

* Introducing the "Power Pendulum". This is no cheap parlour trick
but a highly sophisticated and powerful scientific instrument to
help you zero in with laser-like precision on obstacles to success

* How you can make your own pendulum with simple household itemsno
matter where you are you can access the power of this amazing

* Secrets to being a "Power Pendulum User" to get guaranteed results

* How to put your mind on autopilot and solve problems quickly and

* 6 expert insights to troubleshooting and problem solving that will
help you reach your goals faster

* What to do when regular suggestion techniques don't get the results
you want

* 5 "Magic Questions" to cut through clutter and get the heart of any

* The step-by-step strategy that is guaranteed to overcome any
problem that comes up in self hypnosis when used correctly

* When and how outside professional assistance can provide a shortcut
and help you reach your goals faster

* Warning! Avoid these types of questions and situations and you
won't make potentially devastating mistakes

With this knowledge and strategy at your command, you'll succeed when
most people fail. The obstacles that prevent most people from getting
what they want will not be a problem for you.

And as if that wasn't already enough, here is

Session 6:
"Your Advanced Suggestion Strategy Toolkit For The Mind"

At this point, there is only one possible way that you could fail to
achieve your goals.

That's if your conscious mind somehow interferes with all your good

To prevent any possibility of that happening, in this session you get 4
advanced strategies to ensure a smooth path to your goals.

You'll discover...
* Why and how your conscious mind may deliberately get in the way of
your goals and dreams (it may sound crazy, but there is a very good
reason why this can happen)

* 2 basic ways to sidestep this conscious interference

* 4 little known success secrets from ancient China to blast through
the problem of conscious interference (these actually work even
better in the modern world)

* SECRET #1: Load the odds of success in you favour and prepare a
successful outcome before you even start any hypnosis session

* SECRET #2: How to use Hypnotic Questions to steer your mind in the
right direction (and the 2 special rules that keep you on track)

* SECRET #3: Harness the power of your emotions to dissolve obstacles
and resistance in a way that's almost effortless and impossible to

* SECRET #4: 7 steps to fully unleash the power of your unconscious
mind to solve problems and achieve your goals

* How Albert Einstein came up with the Theory Of Relativity and how
you can use the same approach to create your own breakthroughs

* A simple template you can use to apply self-hypnosis to improve
your business or career (even if you're just starting out and have
little or no experience or skills)

With this potent toolkit in your possession, the path to success is

And in the final session...

Session 7:
"How To Completely Master The Power Of Self-Hypnosis Method And Get
Incredible Results"

This final session is all about taking what you now know and putting
everything into practice to get the results you desire.
* How to find hidden abilities that you may not realize you possess
and use them to improve your life

* The secret to always getting a perfect night's sleep...and how to
fall asleep whenever you want to (on planes, in airport lounges,
hotel rooms or even in a noisy environment)

* How to program yourself to wake up exactly when you need to without
an alarm clock

* The step by step guide for changing a bad habit and installing a
new, empowering alternative

* How to solve even seemingly "impossible" problems with the Power of
Self Hypnosis (this is actually how many scientific breakthroughs
came about)

* A practical plan to guarantee your success with self hypnosis

* What to do now so that you can use self hypnosis to make life give
you exactly what you want

With these 7 sessions you'll have

A "Programmed Course" In Living With Total Power

There's virtually no limit to what you can achieve with the Power Of
Self Hypnosis.

You can learn self-confidence beyond anything you've ever dreamed of.
You can acquire a memory awesome in its dimensions. You can overcome
depression and unhappy moods.

You can get rid of, with incredible speed, mental blocks that have
disrupted your life. You can bury phobias and other morbid habits and
face the world joyous and free.

You liberate your natural thinking ability. Instead of using just the
top 10% of your mind, you release the explosive 90% that you've kept
"chained up"...

...literally multiplying by TEN the brain power at your disposal. And
this will make you successful...and richer if that's your
desire...faster than anything imaginable.

The first day that you start to use the Power of Self Hypnosis you'll
begin to reach full brainpower and start building your success and
money-making capacity at a phenomenal rate.


Your Success Is Guaranteed

Here's what I mean by that.

Follow the steps as they are laid out for you in this program and you
will succeed.

If, for some reason, a problem arises, there is a foolproof way for you
to overcome the challenge and continue on to your goal.

And remember, these are simple steps that anyone can take in just 5-10
minutes a day.

This is a tested program that has delivered astonishing results for
hundreds of people.

It will do the same for you.

And you don't have to simply take my word for this.

Because here's what others are saying...

"Utterly Inspiring..."

My response is two words: Utterly inspiring.

david bennion Wow. Thank you for making this program. This is exactly
what I was hoping it would be. There are so many things that you point
out that as I look back over my life I realize I was doing the wrong
way. The ASP concept for instance: I can see that I have tried to solve
problems from an unresourceful state.

And your ideas at the end for creating the perfect life... it is really
inspiring to think of having to use those kinds of techniques and have
something else to work on.

I think this set of tools is fantastic.

By the way, I should tell you. I have sleep apnea. This most commonly
affects people who are severely overweight and older. But I seem to
come by it through genetics.

Mine is a milder case, but I went in and got a test and I sleep with a
CPAP (continuous positive air pressure. Keeps the throat passage open
so you never stop breathing)

I'm only 31, but I went to get tested because I wanted to prevent some
of the complications that come from this later on -- it can cause some
heart conditions and some mental conditions and whatever else is
connected to having low oxygen count for periods of time during sleep.

And it tends to worsen with age.

In the past, I have had some difficulty sleeping with the CPAP and I
had never been able to make it through a full night with it on. I'd
usually wake up, take it off and go back to sleep. I started using your
"Sleep Like A Log" technique and I have made it the full night every
night since.

So not an insignificant side effect, I'd say. :)


David Bennion
Software Engineer
West Jordan, UT, USA

Update From David... "I'm So Happy"

I believe this ASP strategy is bearing fruit. I started on the 1st
December. My thinking is continuing to change and my awareness of state
(in myself and others) is much more acute. Plus my ability to shift
state in myself just by intending it is increasing -- I just noticed
that tonight.

We'll see how things are by Christmas! It's my Christmas present to

I'm so happy! :)

Thanks again for this program.

"I Cannot Remember The Last Time I Received This Much Value...I'm
Thrilled With My Results"

"Although I first used self-hypnosis more than 12 years ago, I was
never satisfied with the results. In fact, I tried all types of
self-hypnosis ranging from pre-recorded tracks to a system based on
pre-made scripts that were supposed to be read in a 'hypnotic manner'.

"I decided to purchase the "Power Of Self Hypnosis" after attending one
of Igor's conversational hypnosis seminars. Making this decision has
made an immense difference in my life. This system is organized in a
way that makes the materials easy to use.

"Most self-hypnosis programs are sparse and leave gaps in the theory on
which they are based. Nobody can say this about the 'Power Of Self
Hypnosis' as the system is in depth and includes three bonus CD's for
users that want even more information.

"I have been able to integrate the various techniques into my life
easily and effortlessly. I have been thrilled with my results,
motivating me to practice at least twice a day. So far, I have learned
how to wake up without an alarm clock, recover from a cold faster than
normal, and master my hypnotic skills.

"With the results I have had, I cannot wait to see all of the potential
uses for the "Power Of Self Hypnosis". I know it will be a tool for me
to unlock my potential in all areas of my life. I am excited and
energized about each new self-hypnosis session. I am glad I took the
risk to invest in this course.

"Finally there's a self-hypnosis program that, if used consistently
over time, can be as effective as working with a hypnotherapist. I
cannot remember the last time that I received this much value.

"Thank you, Igor, for such a wonderful product at such a fantastic

Benjamin A. Walden
Estate Planning & Entertainment Attorney
Atlanta, Georgia

"The "Power of Self Hypnosis" Course Went Way Beyond My Expectations...
Irreversibly Changed My Life For The Better"

"I was interested in self-hypnosis and hypnosis in general for a method
of creating positive change in my life. The "Power of Self Hypnosis"
course went way beyond my expectations. First, it teaches you quick and
easy methods of going into trance in five minutes or less. The second
CD actually has drills that teach this process of quickly going in and
accessing the hypnotic state. With a minimum of practice or effort, I
learned it easily."

"What's great about Igor's method of learning is that he teaches you
how to let your unconscious mind do all the work. This style of
learning has phenomenal benefits. First, it's as simple as relaxing."

"Second, it teaches some really profound skills. I would go so far as
to say that the method of learning irreversibly changed my life for the
better. It taught me one of the most important lessons of my life,
which is to trust the unconscious mind. If you think about it, this is
what Jungian psychology and a whole number of self-improvement systems
try to teach. With the "Power of Self Hypnosis" method this profound
experience of self-acceptance and world-acceptance is made effortless."
"The "Power of Self-Hypnosis" taught me to stop resisting my own innate
wisdom and the world's natural abundance. I am forever grateful!"

Dave Alber, M.A.
Fine Artist and Author
Redwood Shores, CA

"The 'Power Of Self Hypnosis' Stands Above Anything I Have Seen
Concerning Self-Hypnosis"

I have been interested in hypnosis off and on for well over 40 odd
years. It was first taught to me by my brother who in turn learned it
from a friends' father who was a stage hypnotist. I was only 10 or 12
years of age and had great fun making myself snore at will. I would
suggest it to myself before bed time and could turn it on or off.

In the past few years I have used it with sporadic success in allergy
control and pain control. Part of the problem, I believe, is that I was
not totally sure if I was or was not in trance. With the convincer, I
KNOW! I know my suggestions of my muscles feeling good and comfortable
are going to where it counts, my unconscious mind. I think that
confidence makes them work.

I use self hypnosis not just for areas in my life that are not up to
what I want but for everyday life as well. I work a lot of hours so
sleeping like a log is what I need. I work at night so it is more
vital. I have arthritis in my neck and pain control is a must.

Last night really highlights hypnosis in action. I was driving and
getting groggy. I stopped and looked at my watch a thought that I had
only 10 minutes time for a nap. I then set the alarm on my cell phone
and went right to sleep. I remember dreaming, then I awoke and looked
at my watch. Exactly 10 minutes time had elapsed. I wondered why my
cell phone alarm had not gone off. It was set for pm and not for am!
That would have been a real problem.

I have done the Big Drift a few times and love the process. I have
learned that many things that happen are a mixed bag. There are
powerful resources that are employed and able to be used for other
things. It is like a grain harvest. One must separate the wheat from
the chafe.

I am realizing that the main benefit of self hypnosis practice is not
only the wide variety of practical uses it offers, but learning to
trust my unconscious is the bedrock of it all.

I have a dozen or so books on self hypnosis on my shelf and not one
talks about the pendulum or mentions dirty goals. Not one. Some give
only bits and pieces of what we need to know to master our selves.

Igor, I have the "Power Of Conversational Hypnosis" as well a long with
most of the master classes.

The "Power Of Self Hypnosis" stands above anything I have seen
concerning self-hypnosis.

Rustom Ghandhi
Edgewood, Maryland USA
Tractor-trailer driver

Update From Rustom...
"Amazing Recovery From A Serious Foot Injury"

Two days ago a cart ran into the back of my heal. The cart weighed
about a 1000 pounds. I could barely walk. The pain was intense. I went
to the doctor and they put ice on it and X-rayed the ankle and there
were no broken bones.

I did what you did for your oral surgery on day 7 cd. I then went into
trance and did affirmations and visualized myself walking normally.

I was walking perfectly within 24 hours of the injury, feeling a slight
tightness in the ankle. I went the physical therapy and was asked if I
was a fast healer! I told them that I am - Now. I ended up giving them
the weblink for the "Power Of Self Hypnosis" program.

"...If You Thought Either That Self-Hypnosis Didn't Work, Or That There
Was Something Wrong With You That You Couldn't Make It Work, Get This
Course. You'll Discover How Much Fun It Can Be To Be Wrong About THAT."

"I have a confession to make: I have been a self-improvement washout."

"Maybe you know what I mean: I have a couple of shelves full of
self-improvement books and recordings, at least half of which talk
about some form of "self-hypnosis." They all say more or less said the
same thing: "Go through progressive muscle relaxation and then give
yourself suggestions."

"This one says that the only way to do it is through visualization,
that one has embedded commands, a third one tells you to record your
suggestions and play them back. I have worked through each ULTIMATE
system and devotedly done the exercises. And ultimately, I had no real
results to show for my devotion. I figured that there had to be
something wrong with me...couldn't be the books and recordings--after
all, they were all saying the same thing."

"So why did I purchase "The Power of Self-Hypnosis" by Igor
Ledochowski--another self-hypnosis course? Because hope springs
eternal? ...Well, partly. I have, however, purchased some of Igor's
other courses, and attended a week-long conversational hypnosis
practitioner training with Igor. So I know from experience that Igor
has an honest genius for taking complex material, finding the
fundamental components that make it work, and presenting them in a way
that makes it easy not only to understand, but also to perform. So
maybe it wasn't my fault. Maybe all of the other resources on my
bookshelf over-simplified AND over-mystified self-hypnosis."

"As it turns out, that hunch was right. Everything else that I
previously knew about self-hypnosis either dumbed-down the technique or
wrapped it in New Age mumbo-jumbo. The genius of "Power Of
Self-Hypnosis" is that it is like Igor's other trainings; it teaches
you what actually works, why it works, and most important of all, how
to use it to get results. The "Power Of Self Hypnosis" taught me for
the first time how to confidently go into a trance and know that I had
definitely achieved it. Despite all of my other hypnosis reading, I had
never been confident before about being able to do that fundamental
bit. The "Power Of Self Hypnosis" also teaches a number of ways of
entering trance, as well as a number of effective strategies for
formulating suggestions. There's no one-size-fits-all approach here.
Igor teaches a variety of different methods and gives you the tools for
building your own."

"Maybe the most impressive part of the "Power Of Self Hypnosis"
course--something that distinguishes it as seriously effective material
for serious self-hypnotists--is the amount of depth Igor devotes to
trouble-shooting what's going wrong when suggestions fail to take, and
how to get them back on track. Nothing else that I have previously
encountered goes into such detail and such practical utility about
putting the hypnotic process back on the path to success when it has
taken a detour."

"In a nutshell, if you thought either that self-hypnosis didn't work,
or that there was something wrong with you that you couldn't make it
work, get this course. You'll discover how much fun it can be to be
wrong about THAT."

Scott T. Luedtke
Fresno, CA USA

Here's The Next Step To Taking Full Control Of Your Life Or How Much Is A
Guaranteed Success System
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When you think about it, a guaranteed success system like this is

No more frustrations at not being able to achieve your goals and get
what you want from life.

No more having to settle for second best because you don't have the
money you need.

At the very least you'd expect that a system like this could easily be
worth several thousand dollars. That's a small investment for the tens
or hundreds of thousands of additional dollars that you could make.

All of this is available to you with the "Power Of Self Hypnosis"

Remember that you get...
* 7 CDs (well over 7 hours of cutting edge material); PLUS

* The 410 page transcripts manual on CDrom

All of this, and the added power and control, is available to you for
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When you think about it, that's a very modest investment for something
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It's easy to get this special program for yourself, simply order right
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I wanted to make sure that nothing was left to chance.

And that The Power Of Self Hypnosis program really is the most complete
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So we've included the following special bonuses

FREE BONUS #1; Special Bonus CD "Expert Inductions
You Can Use For Wonderful Deep Trances".

FREE BONUS #2; Special Bonus CD "The Sure Fire Way To
Get Even The Most Stubborn Mind Into A Hypnotic State".

FREE BONUS #3; Special Bonus CD "How To Use The
Cryptic Alphabet System To Troubleshoot Conflicts With Your Unconscious

Presentation on Self Hypnosis. In September 2008, I held a sold-out,
high level bootcamp in Palm Springs. This presentation was a special
addition to that event and received rave reviews. It will add a whole
new level of insight into using the Power Of Self Hypnosis system for

And, you can order in complete confidence because you can...

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In the unlikely event that you are not thrilled and delighted with your
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And you have a full 60 days to make your decision.

I think you'll agree, I can't be much fairer than that.


It's Now Your Choice. . .

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In this message...
* You've discovered why most existing personal development and
self-hypnosis programs only work some of the time and don't enable
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* You've also discovered the breakthrough new Power Of Self Hypnosis
program that overcomes the flaw in existing programs so that you're
guaranteed of success every time

* You've discovered how easy it is to try this program for yourself
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It's easy to order your copy of "The Power Of Self Hypnosis". Simply
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Your Risk-Free Trial Invitation


Send me your program, Igor! I'm both ready and eager to start putting
the Power of Self Hypnosis into my life as soon as possible.

I understand that:

* I will receive 10 CDs and 1 CDrom. These will include the full
program, plus the bonus CDs and the Transcripts Manual which I can
either read on my computer or print off as I see fit.
* My investment is just $197 + shipping I am taking advantage of an
incredible discount of $100.

* Once my order has been processed I will be given INSTANT access to
a 90 minute Video Presentation on Self Hypnosis, which I can
download and watch at my leisure.

* I also have 60 full days with a 100% guarantee to try out this
program. If I'm not completely happy during these 60 days, I can
simply return the program for an immediate 100% refund.


lock cards lock
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I'm looking forward to hearing about your success,

Igor Ledochowski

P.S. If you're serious about reaching your full potential in life you
owe it to yourself to test this program for yourself. This is the first
time this technique has EVER been decoded and made available in a way
that's easy to understand. Don't miss out on this opportunity. The
investment is modest and the potential benefits are limitless.

P.P.S. Remember you're totally protected by my 60 day 100% no hassle
guarantee.. In the unlikely event that you're not completely satisfied
with your "Power Of Self Hypnosis" program then you'll get back every
cent of the money you have invested

P.P.P.S. With the "Power Of Self Hypnosis" program you get...
* 7 CDs (over 7 hours of cutting edge material); PLUS

* A comprehensive 410 page manual covering the entire program on

* 3 bonus CDs and the 90 minute bonus DOWNLOADABLE Video presentation
of Self Hypnosis

...all for the INCREDIBLY low investment of just $197 + shipping

To get started and step into a new world of your own design, just click
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Servers Are 100% Secure Using 256 Bit Encryption


Privacy Policy - Disclaimer

(c) Conversational-Hypnosis

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